Leading retail tech and insights companies yReceipts and emporio analytics to form eyos.

eyos creates unseen opportunities for real-time purchase data processing in physical retail

December 14, 2020


emporio analytics and yReceipts announce today that both businesses will merge to form a new business and brand, eyos. 

As well as bringing two hugely respected businesses together, the global merger also brings the opportunity for brothers and entrepreneurs Alexander Kayser, CEO of yReceipts and Phillipp Stegmann, CEO of emporio analytics, to join forces officially.

The companies’ existing clients, partners and networks will enjoy an uninterrupted service of their trusted offerings as well as groundbreaking new possibilities coming their ways.

With 17 years shared experience and both companies having consistently defined new boundaries in the retail technology sector, the formation of eyos is a leap forward on their journey to become the leading Retail Growth Platform for local shops, national labels and global brands.

eyos processes retail transactions with billions of purchased items in real-time. Its Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients leverage real-time visibility & actionability of item-level sales data and promotions in independent grocery stores. Leading high street retail chains around the world use eyos to identify in-store customers through digital receipts and connect in-store transactions into any platform they use in real-time.

eyos completes its offering by surfacing rich data insights and predictions and to measure in-store ROI of digital ad spend.

eyos’s uniqueness is built on proven system-agnostic data capture technologies, powerful neural networks and AI capabilities. Being able to capture and standardise granular and hugely diverse retail purchase data at source, and layer transaction-based real-time automation technology on top, sets the company apart and up for continued rapid growth.

Under the leadership of Philipp, emporio analytics has built a unique platform which allows Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands and independent merchants to collaborate through data sharing and trade promotion automation. Particularly effective in South East Asia, where retail is more fragmented than in other markets, they have built a loyal customer base over six years that includes world-leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies like Unilever and Danone.

Alexander and the team at yReceipts have been working with leading high street retail brands around the world since 2009, empowering them to issue digital receipts in retail stores, link in-store transactions with external platforms in real-time, and to measure the offline ROI of Google and Facebook ad spend.

Philipp Stegmann, COO at eyos comments “The merger represents a massive step forward for us. The combination of our two companies allows us to reach more customers than ever before and deliver a uniquely powerful offering to our trusted brand partners.”

Alexander Kayser, CEO at eyos adds “Following a three-year partnership, we are all thrilled to be able to take this logical and exciting leap forward, which brings even more innovation and scale to our existing and future clients. I would like to thank everyone at eyos, all our customers, partners and supporters, without whom we would not have been able to create one of the most exciting retail technology companies out there.”

eyos has offices in Singapore, London, Sydney, Bangkok and Jakarta, serving several thousand customers in more than 40 countries.